Inspiration Font Download

Have a party with Inspiration. A fun, script font with a less-than-serious bounce.

Heroe Font Download

DESCRIPTION Now my feelings about didones are more than evident. After some years of roman-abstinence (1) I present Heroe, an interesting combination of elegance and sensuality. Heroe, spanish for hero, takes some aspects of roman typefaces to the extreme like my main inspiration, the great Herb Lubalin, did in the majority of his works: Thins turned into hairlines, altered proportions (for display purposes), unique ball terminals, poetic curves and a graceful way of placing them together on a...

Nove Font Download

Designed for “Milano Kalibro Kobe” a Nike advertising campaign.

A geometric font inspired by b-movie typography. The glyphs were designed using an unusual method: at a glance it seems a drafted design but if you look closely you will discover how much the geometry is complex.

Neometrix Font Download

This typeface consists of hand drawn three dimensional letters. There are three fonts altogether: Neometrix One, Neometrix Two and Neometrix Three. Neometrix One is the basic letter form, Neometrix Two is the shadow of the letters and Neometrix Three the front facing side of the letters.

Shelflife™ Font Download

Shelflife is a display typeface with some extras under the lid. It features all the Standard Open-Type features you'd expect, like Class Kerning and Ligatures, plus some other useful additions and of course accented characters for most European languages and others. In essence it’s an easy-to-read headline font with clean lines and a bit of character.

There’s an outline version that can be layered with the standard version to give the shadow effect seen in the accompanying g...

Zar Brush Gothic Font Download

ZarBrush Gothic is a “speedball” font inspired by showcard lettering done with a loaded red sable brush. Perfect for text and headlines.

Galia Font Download

Galia is a new font with a vintage character designed by Carine de Wandeleer, inspired by the beautiful look of Victorian calligraphy, capturing all the elegance of its flourishes. Galia has a variety of ornamental swash letters; hundreds of ornamental and descending ascenders allow a beautiful interaction of strokes and combinations, avoiding overlaps or conflicts. Galia has a total of 947 characters, in OpenType format, such as Stylistics and Contextual Alternatives, Swashes,...

P22 Johnston Underground™ Font Download

This type family has been updated and expanded massively as P22 Underground Pro.

The legendary sans serif design developed by Edward Johnston for the London Underground system in 1916 is available for the first time as a commercial font in an exclusive arrangement with the London Transport Museum. The font, as well as the all-caps bold version, is true to the original design, plus full international characters are also included. The Extras font features graphic elements inspired by the ...

YWFT Lollop Font Download

YWFT Lollop is a retro and cleaned up typeface that can be used for many different projects. Comes in one weight that achieves a very athletic, young and slick vibe. Use it for headlines or content, whatever works for you.

Rocklogo Font Download

Rock Logo is an all caps, display typeface, inspired by old cool rock/metal band logos. It has many alternates, swashes and ligatures.

Stencil Extras JNL Font Download

Stencil Extras JNL contains twenty-six stencil borders, frames, arrows, pointing hands, plants, wildlife and decorative embellishments all re-drawn from vintage source material.

Didot Headline™ Font Download

In spite of its name, this font family embodies the ultimate classic modern advertising typeface, rather than concern itself with revivalism or Didone authenticity. Naturally the spirit of the original Didot faces still exists in this family, but over twelve years of work on it have made it more fitting to the luxurious expression of our day and age, rather than nineteenth century Europe.

Upscale and stylish, Didot Headline is an essential tool for any designer involved in magazines, bo...

Heavy Heap™ Font Download

Heavy Heap is like a heap of heaviness, delivered to your soul, via tiny die-cast cars.

Arundel Sans Font Download

The design of Arundel Sans was inspired by Arundel Castle in West Sussex, England. It has a strong vertical emphasis, with a solid, geometric feel. It is a quirky mix of medieval and modern. Arundel Sans is ideal for use as a distinctive headline or display font.

Lil Rhino™ Font Download

Lil Rhino is the more reserved but still slightly offbeat sister to the quirky comic Fat Rhino typeface. You can see the resemblance, they work well together, but they also each hold their own.

Renzo™ Font Download

The Renzo™ types are mainly variations on the theme of Hermecito. The roman is a slightly lighter design and the wedge serifs of the Hermecito design are now much reduced and sharpened; the letters of the italic (originally called ‘Lucia’) are vertical. A and B fonts with alternative letters are supplied. Cyrillic and ‘polytonic’ Greek letters are contained in each of the regular fonts. If boldface is required the bold and extrabold forms of Hermecito can be used with the Renzo type co...

Fontazia Chateaux Deux™ Font Download

for all your royal invitations: The Fontazia Chateaux series features a unique assortment of characters inspired by some of the great castles and chateaus of Europe and beyond. These simple yet elegant symbols are delivered to you in both silhouette and outline format.

For more in the Chateaux series, see also Fontazia Chateaux.

Adagio Sans Script Font Download

Adagio Sans Script is an experimental vertical variety of a normal sans version, with the characteristics of handwriting. It has 9 weights and like the rest of Adagio family fonts over 400 characters.Thanks to it’s calligraphic feeling, Sans script version is a great compliment for the rest of the forms of Adagio_Family.

Check also: Adagio Serif Script and Adagio Slab Script.

Haenel Fraktur™ Font Download

A bold but nevertheless pleasant black-letter font which was released for the first time about 1840 by the Haenel'sche Printshop and Letterfoundery in Berlin.

Haenel Fraktur contains a bunch of useful ligatures, and by typing ‘N’, ‘r’ and period you get an old style number sign by activating the Discretionary Ligatures feature.

Chaco™ Font Download

The idea behind the font called Chaco originated after testing the deficiency shown in road signs in Latin America.

The design began after a long documenting period. Throughout the various stages of the work,  there were several  tests and checks  conducted of the formal solutions implemented which, based on the results, would gradually be changed until we finally reached, in this way, its definite design. The original project for the font features three steps, namely: regular, light...