Spartacus Font Download

A further development of the Colosseum range but this with a slab serif. Visually monoline and modern in appearence it still retains its Trajan characteristics. The addition of Spartacus black with its unusual Italic gives a the face a strong original headline font.

Osirian Runic Upright Font Download

1000 light years from our own planet, hidden from view beyond dense clouds of rare-earth dusts, lies the planet of Osiria. The ancient glyphs of the planet’s tribal race bear strong resemblance to those of our own arabic alphabetic characters.

When viewed in native form, one finds the texts hard to read, perhaps even cryptic. Once turned 90 degrees however the text becomes more clear when read from top to bottom and right to left.

Available in Upright format for more le...

AT Move Tremelo Font Download

Tremolo is a typeface based on a logotype (Microtel). We designed it as a complete capital alphabet. The original idea for the logotype font came from the products the firm produced. They provided the parts that go into hearing-aids. We thought the type should have some visual tremor in it. Concept/Art Direction: Andre Toet - Design: Jasper Nijssen - © 2014 SODesign.

Oita™ Font Download

Oita might be a carefully crafted typeface family, created by a meat-bag human.

Or, it might have been made by a supremely clever sentient robot.

Found in the dark recesses of a top secret spy agency’s quantum computer, this font came with this somewhat unusual description, which is presented without comment.

"To conquer, we cannot simply overcome. Success is found in supremacy--in the dominance of Oita.

While looking for the right tool for this succes...

FT Master Of Poster Font Download

Master of Poster is an all caps OpenType family.

Each style has over 450 automatic ligatures.

Finalist Round Slab Font Download

Finalist Round Slab project started in April of 2014 and I am happy to announce the first family - Finalist Round Slab - is now ready for release. This family includes 10 weights - five uprights and five italics.

The font was intended primarily to have a stronger body. It has a simple geometrical surface. This font has a strong personality, that makes it perfect for use in headline sizes but means it also works gracefully within text blocks. Finalists Round Slab is carefully crafted and...

Good Vibrations Font Download

A beautifully flowing script with casual uppercase forms combined with more formal lowercase letters.

Good Vibrations Pro is an extension of this popular font. Over 400 glyphs, with character sets for European languages. OpenType features include smooth connecting ligatures and alternate characters.

Days Like This Font Download

This font is inspired by Van Morrison's song named "Days like this". Contains all Latin glyphs and more than 400 characters with ornaments. It is decorative, very modern and useful for logos, T-shirt designs, packaging design, posters, billboards, magazines, covers, etc. Contains regular and italic.

Longreach Font Download

Longreach is a carefully crafted, handmade all caps display font. The glyphs are nice and crisp, with slightly rounded corners. Use Longreach for your product packaging, books and websites.

Motavita Poster Font Download

A font for those who wish to develop projects of large format or get very highlighted titles.

Motavita Poster is a font that always look good when using very large. We recommend that you not use smaller 60 points. The great contrast between the stems and vertical strokes gives a strong and elegant character.

P22 Frau Jenson People™ Font Download

A collection of over 70 pictograms featuring people doing all sorts of everyday things Signs for allowing or not allowing these activities are also included.

See enclosed PDF for key positions of all characters.

To use the “not allowed” or sign symbols simply type the preferred sign symbol ( either , . ; : ' or # ) followed by the activity or person you want to include within the sign.

For example, to make a “no gifts” sign, type (in a large p...

HeartMatrixed™ Font Download

HeartMatrixed is based on a matrix of dots in the shape of little hearts. It uses the same design pattern for placing dots as Dottie.

Atlantica Font Download

 Atlantica is a contemporary cursive brushscript typeface family designed by Pellisco with Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini for Zetafonts.

It comes in three variants. Atlantica Signature offers all the original letters designed by Pellisco with alternates available as glyphs: it’s mostly suited for display use. For text usage, Atlantica Text offers better readability by adopting a more restrained lowercase t ...

Egon Sans Font Download

Egon Sans is a geometric sans serif typeface family built in ten styles (extra-light, light, regular, bold and black weights all in roman and italic).

Egon Sans is an extension to the Egon (Slab Serif) family, designed in 2008.

The typeface is designed with industrial and architectural flavor, as homage to Egon Eiermann, one of Germany’s great architects of 20th century. Egon Sans is ideal as text and display font for publication use.

Egon Sans is released as O...

Romy Font Download

Romy is a fresh take on casual handwriting. It combines aspects of comedy, graffiti, greeting cards, and refrigerator notes.

The unmistakable lettering expertise of Angel Koziupa and smooth, crisp digitization of Alejandro Paul provide a humorous, friendly and lively typeface.

FF Fago® Font Download

German type designer Ole Schäfer created this sans FontFont in 2000.

The family has 30 weights, ranging from Regular to Black in Condensed, Normal, and Extended (including italics) and is ideally suited for advertising and packaging, editorial and publishing, logo, branding and creative industries, small text as well as wayfinding and signage.

FF Fago provides advanced typographical support with features such as ligatures, small capitals, alternate characters, case-sensitive f...

P22 Larkin™ Font Download

This font is based on a lettering style used as a logotype for the Larkin Company circa 1900.

The Larkin Company began as a soap company in the late 1800s and eventually grew into a gigantic mail-order and chain store which manufactured and sold a wide variety of products. The Buffalo, New York based Larkin Soap Company was one of the first to offer promotional “premiums” to its customers to encourage sales. This marketing proved so successful that The Larkin Company started...

Naghashian Font Download

Naghashian is designed by Naghi Naghashian. It is a Font family, in 5 weights, Light, Regular, Bold, Extra Bold and Heavy This font is a contribution to modernisation of Arabic typography, gives the font design of Arabic letters real typographic arrangement und provides more typographic flexibility. Naghashian supports Arabic, Persian and Urdu. It also includes proportional and tabular numerals for the supported languages. Naghashian design fulfills the following needs:

A Explici...

Urge Text™ Font Download

It started with an italic, or to be more precise, half an italic. The slanted styles of Urge Text exhibit a certain bipolarity, the tops of glyphs having a standard italic form, the bottoms of glyphs being more Roman in their construction. This sturdy footing really locks the italics to the baseline, making them very legible while still being distinct from the uprights. The same bipolar approach didn't work very well in upright styles, so the Romans are more toned down.

Ranging from the...

Today I Feel Font Download

Cute emoticons showing a variety of smiles, frowns, and faces and words reflecting those emotions.