LECO 1976 Font Download

LECO 1976 is a headline display typeface in OpenType format.

The title at the 1976 bottle of Lečo became an inspiration for creating this font. Besides the regular weight of the font, the font is drawn in light and bold font styles too, while each of these typefaces consists of a special alternative of an embedded diacritic. The font contains several specific styles as Stencil, Pixel, Tride, Shadow which combinations offer interesting possibilities for the typesetting. The metrics and...

Alana Smooth Font Download

Alana is a connected script that glows with casual elegance. Its inviting letterforms work well in settings such as letter-writing and menu details; even at small sizes. Alana includes over 300 alternates, including swash capitals and ornamented forms to customize titles, headlines, packaging, and wordmarks. Alana includes 62 matching ornaments: botanical fleurons, birds, and cute lil' bugs.

See what’...

Moonlight Serenade Font Download

Moonlight Serenade is a 1939 song composed by Glenn Miller, with lyrics by Mitchell Parish. Moonlight Serenade font is an all caps affair - very legible, very recognizable and very useful. Upper and lower case differ slightly and are quite happy to mingle. In the words of Mitchell Parish: I bring you and sing you a Moonlight Serenade! Comes with a universe of diacritics.

Goudy Handtooled™ Font Download

Over the course of fifty years, the charismatic and enterprising Frederic W. Goudy designed more than one hundred typefaces; he was the American master of type design in the first half of the twentieth century.

Goudy Old Style, designed for American Type Founders in 1915–1916, is the best known of his designs, and forms the basis for a large family of variants. Goudy said he was initially inspired by the cap lettering on a Renaissance painting, but most of the flavor of this design ...

Hamerslag Font Download

Hamerslag is an ultra-condensed serif type family with uncomplicated, regular appearance, large x-height, relatively high contrast and modern glyphs shapes. Available in four styles, contain fraction- and scientific numerals, standard ligatures, currency symbols and proportional lining figures. Its wide character set support 200 Latin-script languages, 50 Cyrillic-script languages and 190+ romanizations/transliterations, e.g. The United Nations romanizations, Chinese official romanization (Han...

Usumaru Font Download

Simple and effective font for various graphic designs, type treatments and others.

Clarence Cyrillic Font Download

An extension of “Clarence World”, now with a version in Cyrillic.

Chocolate Bar JNL Font Download

Chocolate Bar JNL emulates hand-lettering on the sheet music for a song selection called “Shoe Shine Boy” from Connie’s Hot Chocolates of 1936 (an all-black musical revue).

The lettering was not found in the song’s title, but rather in the name of the show itself.

Dulcyna Hand Font Download

Dulcyna Hand is a casual hand-drawn typeface developed by Michael Browers and his son Eli. Seeking to bond over a collaborative creative project, this father-son duo leveraged Eli's emerging interest in lettering and Michael's font development experience to create Dulcyna Hand. Embedded with Eli's youthful energy and fun personality, Dulcyna Hand is ideal for greeting cards, invitations, scrapbooking, children's books and other projects in need of a light-hearted touch. ...

Dondolare™ Font Download

Dondolare is simple hand-drawn font family. Squarish looking and ready for typography cooking, comes in 2 weights with support for extended Latin character set.

Fairfield® Font Download

Fairfield is a fifty-year-old typeface that has had a recent facelift. Rudolph Ruzicka, artist and book illustrator, designed light and medium weights of Fairfield for Linotype in 1940 and 1949, respectively. For Fairfield’s 1991 release as an electronic typeface, designer Alex Kaczun added bold and heavy weights.

With its straight, unbracketed serifs and abrupt contrast between thin and thick strokes, Fairfield harks back to the modern typefaces of Bodoni and Didot, but has a dist...

Gardner Sans Font Download

Gardner Sans is a humanist sans serif with a range of weights, italics, small caps stylistics alternates and a set of decorative ornaments. The light and regular faces work at smaller sizes and the heavier weights are good for display lettering.

It is inspired by a few historical sources including Stephenson Blakes' Granby, Gill Sans, as well as some old hand-done lettering for sales tickets. The name (and...

Phinney Jenson Font Download

Phinney Jenson ML is a font with deep historical roots firmly planted in the fertile soil of the Italian Renaissance. Twenty years after Lorenzo Ghiberti finished his famous East Doors, the Gates of Paradise, of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and about fifteen years before Sandro Botticelli painted his “Birth of Venus,” a French printer by the name of Nicolas Jenson set up a small print shop in the powerful city-state of Venice. The fifteenth century marked the end of the plague and the r...

Martita Font Download

Martita is an elegant, handwritten, fully connected script with ligatures to help with flow and readability. Martita can be used for invitations, greeting cards, posters, advertising, weddings, books, menus etc. Language support includes Western, Central and Eastern European character sets, as well as Baltic and Turkish languages.

Kulacino Font Download

Kulacino is a modern-retro display typeface inspired by the oldtimes factory signages/ plat licenses. Its seemingly rigid form is tempered by the soft, rounded corners, and fine notched details present at acute angles in the glyphs. You can use Kulacinos into anything as far as your creativity carry you!

Ascender Sans™ Font Download

Ascender Sans was designed by Steve Matteson as an inventive, exhilarating sans serif design that is metrically compatible with Arial.

Ascender Sans offers enhanced on-screen readability characteristics and the pan-European WGL character set and solves the needs of developers looking for width-compatible fonts to address document portability across different platforms.

The Ascender Sans Narrow offers enriched on-screen readability characteristics and the pan-European WGL char...

Bright Grotesk Font Download

Bright Grotesk is inspired by grotesque & humanist typefaces suggesting a serious yet friendly personality. It is designed to be legible in small sizes yet charmingly attractive in large settings.

Bright Grotesk is a neutral design with a subtle touch of flair. It feels old but looks new, warm yet active, symmetrical yet organic, classic yet modern. Bright Grotesk has great details that reveals in display sizes and can be felt in small sizes as well.

Cheddar Gothic Font Download

Cheddar Gothic is a hand drawn, 8 style typeface family including Sans, Serif, Slab, and Stencil (FREE) with Italics. Each font also includes 92 matching catchwords and icons to quickly add variety and interest to your designs. Great for a variety of uses: packaging, posters, t-shirts, stamps, branding, headlines, billboards, websites, etc.

An all caps family, simply switch between upper and lowercase for alternates. Choose lowercase for a classic, condensed look; choose uppercase for a...

Braton Composer Font Download

After releasing the Rumble Brave font with a vintage elegant style successful in the market. Now we are launching a vintage font that is plump, looks fat, strong, heavy but still elegant and unique. “Braton Composer typeface” falls into the bold serif font category, but it also has italic options. This impression is perfect for design that has a firm and elegant concept. Braton Composer typeface is very worthy of your collection, because Braton Composer is very...

Dense Font Download

Dense is a versatile, elegant, geometric and compact sans-serif typeface. Though it is a very flexible typeface, it truly shines at larger sizes when used for headlines and poster design.