Sanchez Slab Font Download

Sánchez, designed by Daniel Hernández, is a serif typeface belonging to the classification slab serif, or Egyptian, that bears a strong resemblance to the iconic Rockwell. Offering contrast and balance to the square structure, Sánchez Slab is a new version, more robust with straight edges, that give greater character and power.

Sanchez Slab comprises 12 variants, ranging from extra light to black, each of the same x-height. Regular and Italic variants are available for free.

Collins Florets Font Download

Collins Florets is a collection of embellishments. I found them in the endless archives of Erik Spiekermann. I scanned them and carefully corrected the outlines, to keep the rough look of yesterday.

Yours Gert Wiescher

Monique Sans BF™ Font Download

Monique Sans features an unconventional thick/thin stroke weight pattern, that creates a fresh, unique appearance throughout.

Aside from being a superb choice for a diverse variety of applications in headline and display, Monique Sans is remarkably legible and distinctive in short passages of mid-range text (10 pt to 14 pt).

Wherever your design project requires a stylish, sophisticated look, Monique Sans is sure to shine!

Eneas Expanded Font Download

Eneas Expanded is a decorative artistic poster handwritten font. It’s an sans serif, wide, rounded monoline font which will provide an informal, funny and fancy look to your work. It’s recommended for display usage for its glyph quality.

Altitude Condensed Font Download

The defining characteristics of Altitude Condensed mean that it is best used large, allowing the tall, skinny letters to read loud and clear. It won't shout, even in ALL CAPS, but it won't be ignored.

Blomfer Font Download

Blomfer is a simple, yet dynamic Graphic Typeface based on the chamfering of a simple block font. The design element of the chamfered corners also expresses as the opposite, protruding seraph like corners and angled terminations to ascenders and descenders. It is available in four weights all of which contain many glyphs that includes accents, ligatures, and mathematic symbols to meet the needs of most latin languages.

Languedoc Font Download

Languedoc is a former province of France. Most of its territory lies in what is now the Occitanie region. My family and I love camping there and I figured I'd name a font after it! Languedoc is a beautiful and useful typeface: it is a handmade serif that is a bit rough around the edges, but very legible and fun to use. Because of its legibility, you could use it for texts, product packaging, cook books and whatever else you fancy. Comes with a royal amount of diacritics. ...

Kilburn Font Download

Kilburn is a no-nonsense, condensed Gothic sans-serif. For over a century the condensed sans-serif has been the ‘go to’ font for gravitas and authority. Kilburn continues in the fine tradition of fonts such as Franklin Gothic, News Gothic and Trade Gothic offering a contemporary interpretation of the condensed sans-serif — functionality with personality. Equally at home as both a text and display font, Kilburn is available in five weights from Thin through to Black.

Hangulatin EN™ Font Download

To obtain maximum pleasure in working with Hangulatin, please use the typeface as follows: 1 Open an OpenType-savvy program 2 Select the "Hangulatin“ typeface. 3 Copy the following test text into your document: HEL LO WORLD ! THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS O VER THE LA ZY DOG . If this fails to bring about the desired result, please make sure that you are using an OpenType-savvy program and that usage of the OpenType features is activated in that program. Standard graphic programs are suited...

Handmade Font™ Font Download

In Handmade Font, the letters are made of hands or handprints.

Cuba Font Download

A Geometrical font. This idea flashed to me in one of the boring classes we had in college. Since its my special masterpiece we come really cheap at its price of just $8.

Roadbrush Font Download

Roadbrush was inspired by the mid-20th-century hand lettering of Albert Eckhardt, Jr., that I found in a 1950’s sign painting book. Roadbrush is a retro brush-style script that I re-designed and completely re-mastered. Roadbrush is a powerful font that can be used for logotype, packaging, posters, T-shirts, signage & design projects with a retro & vintage feel.

Roadbrush comes with four styles that contain all upper and lower case characters, punctuation, numerals and mathemat...

Epoca Pro Font Download

Epoca, designed in 2010, is a classic linear sans for text and display.

It has economical proportions, a neutral appearance and a discreet elegance. While sturdy and robust, it is nonetheless a strong workhorse. The slightly angular shape of the round elements results in a quiet flow of the line which enables fatigue-proof reading even with large amounts of text.

Epoca comes in eight styles and in OpenType format. All weights contain small caps, standard ligatures, proportion...

Skolar Font Download

Skolar is an award-winning type family, built for demanding multi-script typography but with enough personality to perform excellently in everyday environments. Architecturally, Skolar’s letterforms follow conventional proportions for comfortable reading, whilst its styling and modulation introduce warmth and character in the details, which shine out particularly at large sizes. Equally, features such as its relatively large x-height, robust serifs and low contrast make Skolar a reliable choic...

Tandelle Font Download

The classic yet contemporary style gets noticed amid the sea of “same old fonts.” The masculine yet elegant lines impart a charm not often seen in compact fonts.

Agent™ Font Download

Agent was inspired by the classic fun lettering of 1930s Dutch alphabetician Martin Meijer.

Casual and playful, Agent is a carefully considered amalgam of the art brush’s organic forms and the easily read, ironic forms of the comic book. Ideal for signs as well as packaging of products aiming to be memorable and fun.

Agent ships in all common formats, and contains plenty of alternates, as we all as support for a wide range of Latin-based languages.

Anguillette™ Font Download

Every one talks about going Green. It will be the new economy. No one knows what that world might look like. However, type styles in the Art Nouveau looked to the environment for design influences years ago. This font is based on that concept and is meant to have an organic flowing lilt to it. It was suggested by the sticks floating in a river and a favourite old chair. So be a little organic in your expression.

This font has 641 defined glyphs for a wide support in your linguistic need...

Wagner Script™ Font Download

This gem of a script was what metal era typographers called a “continental face”, which essentially meant an old, most likely uncredited, metal face that was common to many European foundries. This particular one ran the rounds in the first half of the twentieth century under the names Donatello, Aigrette, Troubadour, Hertha, Butterfly and Gracia. A little research reveals its true origin to be circa 1926 at the Wagner & Schmidt foundry in Leipzig, where it was a bold script named Trouba...

Tubo Font Download

2 font faces that combine together with attached lower case glyphs. A combo type-face that can be used with or without joining its lower case.

Korpo Sans Font Download

Korpo_sans, designed by Mateusz Machalski, is a sans type family with a friendly feel. This type comprises 8 variants with two different “a” and “g” glyphs per style. Broken details were made intentionally for better readability. The low contrast and high x height is perfect for longer text and Headlines. Korpo Sans support over 40 languages with cyrillic and greek version.