Innuendo Font Download

Innuendo, despite its name, is a straightforward font. It is an all caps, hand-drawn typeface with an elegant look and some cheeky curls. Upper and lower case differ and like to mingle. Comes with a bagful of diacritics.

Janda Elegant Handwriting Font Download

Realistic, connected script handwriting.

AntiRomantic Font Download

Anti-Romantic is a romantic, circus, grunge ornamental font family! It is based on the 1800’s Wood Type fonts and it comes with 4 typeface styles: Anti-Romantic Regular, Small Caps, Displaced and X.

MFC Peony Monogram™ Font Download

The inspiration source for Peony Monogram was a unique stackable monogram design with floral accents from a vintage embroidery publication. Originally intended to adorn handkerchiefs, this simple pattern has so many design possibilities, from colorizing to formatting options. You can really play around with this monogram font!

Peony Monogram can create one, two, or three letter monograms, even basic titling due to its unique design. Because of Peony’s unique stackable monogram for...

Riverside JNL Font Download

The Art Deco design of Riverside JNL was based on the hand lettered title found on the 1932 sheet music for “By the River Sainte Marie”, and is available in both regular and oblique versions.

TT Coats Font Download

We've created a hand written hand-made antiqua type with a lively character for short emotional inscriptions. TT Coats will warm you up in a cold day and add a little kindness and easiness into any layout. Lines typed with this typeface start “trembling” in long texts, so be careful and use these fonts for special occasions and in small amounts.

Imagine: on a cold day, you've come from a refreshing frosty walk back home, and were rewarded with a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows on...

SF Sultan Font Download

Sultan is An Arabic typeface for desktop applications ,for websites. Sultan font family is from Naskh style and contains 4 weights: Regular, Medium, bold and black. The font includes support for Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. It also includes proportional and tabular numerals for the supported languages. Sultan typeface comes with many opentype features.

Bottle Brush Font Download

A Bottle Brush (a.k.a. Callistemon) is an Australian shrub. Its flowers resemble, well, bottle brushes, hence the name. Bottle Brush is also a very messy, yet quite lovely brush font. I made it with a Japanese brush pen. It comes with a bunch of alternate glyphs, some ligatures and a whole lot of diacritics!

Eiger Font Download

Eiger, a great display font by Intellecta Design. Contain only capital letters.

Bow Tie Font Download

Bow Tie, a slight textured, organic and elegant signature. This modern, stylish but legible script is handy for logo, poster, headlines, invitations, cards and all display needs. The OpenType Features are: stylistic alternates that cover all latin language and cyrillic, ligatures and discretionary ligatures.

YWFT Composite Font Download

YWFT Composite is a bitmap/digital style design that was originally inspired from collecting machine generated printouts during press checks. YWFT Composite has a special power of capturing a very digital, robotic like alphabet that works for both on screen and print layouts. It has been used in numerous magazines as a strong masculine header face, but can even be used for short body content on screen. YWFT Composite was designed in 1999, converted to opentype in 2010.

Nameplate JNL Font Download

Two attractive cast metal door signs reading “Men” and “Ladies” from back in the Art Deco era inspired the idea for Nameplate JNL.

The left parenthesis key starts the border decoration, and the right parenthesis key closes it off.

Nameplate JNL has just a basic A-Z and numeral set; the letters “floating” within the parallel lines of the border to form complete nameplates, apartment numbers or any similarly encased words.

A period, ...

Maladroit Font Download

Okay, we admit it! Comicraft’s latest offering -- wrenched heavy-handedly from the pages of CHARLEY LOVES ROBOTS – is definitely a little awkward, maybe even loose-limbed and goofy. Those (usually) awfully nice chaps in the Comicraft studio are perhaps best known for their dexterity, their lightness of touch and nimbleness of finger rather than the kind of bungling, graceless, clumsy work evident in their latest digital alphabet. So, yes, MALADROIT is probably the most inept, cack-handed...

Queulat Soft Font Download

The font is the soft version of the Queulat basic and condensed families, but keeping the same features as the original typeface. Queulat Soft is a hybrid font that combines different styles, reflecting charm, freshness and, especially, a strong personality.

The font is inspired by Modern and Grotesk styles. The former is shown in some characteristic features such as teardrop terminals, which give the typeface an attractive unique look, making it an ideal choice for logotypes and labell...

Flabbergast Font Download

Flabbergast is a modern Didone for headlines with wide language support. After creating all of the design for my card game Assumptions using Didot, I felt inspired to create an even higher contrast font, with more personality, for print and screens. I set out only to make one weight (regular) but fell in love with even heavier verticals and added a bold weight.

Petangue Font Download

Petangue is my playful font.

Tschicholina™ Font Download

Tschicholina is inspired by a project by Jan Tschichold dating back to 1929. It is a unicase “universal” font which has always been considered to have very little future; this is why we have it in our catalogue.

Jasminum Font Download

Jasminum is a handwritten, fully connected script with ligatures to help with flow and readability. It can be used for invitations, greeting cards, posters, advertising, weddings, books, menus etc. Jasminum contains over 700 glyphs. Each letter has three variations. To get the alternate glyph just add "+“, ”=" or "*" before the letter in any OpenType savvy application or manually select the characters from Glyph Palette.

Language support includes Western, Central and Easte...

Mang Font Download

Mang is an 11 point (or 22 pt or 44 pt etc.) bitmap font that was originally designed for a poetry piece in Born Magazine.

It is slightly quirky but works well as a text face. You can use it for screen resolution or print designs as it includes outlines.

It Aint Rocket Science Pro Font Download

This font was reworked by request. It is another lovely handwritten font made by Kimberly Geswein - with its long e and c it gets a semi-connected look.

Perfect for text with a personal touch.

ALL fonts from CheapProFonts have very extensive language support:

They contain some unusual diacritic letters (some of which are contained in the Latin Extended-B Unicode block) supporting: Cornish, Filipino (Tagalog), Guarani, Luxembourgian, Malagasy, Romanian, Ulithian and W...