Oceanfront Property JNL Font Download

Oceanfront Property JNL was modeled from the hand lettered title on the cover of the 1932 sheet music for “There’s Oceans of Love by the Beautiful Sea”.

A simple sans, it still reflects the beginnings of the Art Deco Era with its approach to letter forms and varying widths. This type design is available in both regular and oblique versions.

Debutante JNL Font Download

1920s Art Nouveau hand lettering from the sheet music for Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly” is the inspiration for Debutante JNL.

Dub Tone Font Download

DubTone is simple sans serif font with a halftone texture from an old newspaper scan on an old flatbed scanner. This font was created for a movie poster in 2003 and then finally converted to a font in 2012. Each of the characters were individually designed with care to make sure that in small or large sizes it remained readable with a unique texture.

Unispace™ Font Download

Unispace is monospaced for all your monospaced font needs. Proportional spacing be damned: monospacing is what all the cool kids are doing.

PAG Bankas Font Download

Inspired by retro lettering on advertising & propaganda posters from the 30s to 60s.

This is a perfect font for your retrospective project.

Atlantic Avenue Font Download

Atlantic Avenue is an experimental font made with paint brush on wood, large scan and vectorized.

Paloma Font Download

This is a hand-written script font.

Specifically designed for books, invitations, magazines and advertisements.

Ultra Thin Stencil JNL Font Download

Online auctions offer a treasure trove of lost or forgotten merchandise, and many items pertaining to lettering just beg to be digitized into a typeface.

Case in point is a partial set of brass stencils that were the visual model for Ultra Thin Stencil JNL. While most of the brass interlocking stencils available now and in the past have bold lettering for easy readability, this particular set consisted of condensed letters with thin lines.

Available in both regular and oblique ...

Suomi Slab Serif™ Font Download

All typewriter types are rounded and especially American Typewriter has an almost too-slick appearance.

Suomi Slab Serif has the glyph shapes similar to typewriting, but the serifs, terminals and connections are crisp and sharp.

Zosimo Cyrillic Font Download

Zosimo Cyr is a neo-grotesque typeface created by designer Ron Gilad (Delicious Type) in cooperation with renowned typographer Oded Ezer based on his ubiquitous Alchemist typeface.

Carefully drawn curves, robust shapes and a range of OpenType features make Zosimo a great choice for designing logotypes, signage, titling, texts and more.

Zosimo now comes in three families: Standard (full Latin support), Cyrillic (basic Latin and Cyrillic) and Pro (all included).


Tattooflash Marie Font Download

Tattooflash Marie is made for Tattoofans, Tattoostudios and Tattoo artists. Make your own tattoo flash with your Name or the Names of your children. The Font is made for your skin but you can also make Tattooposter, Tattooequipment and more.

Appetite Rounded Font Download

Appetite Rounded. Special rounded edition of the Appetite Typeface for awesome packaging design projects.

Virtus Sans Font Download

This clean sans-serif typeface brings your designs and layouts together in one great looking typeface, uncomplicated and legible large or small. VIRTUS SANS has 4 weights each with italics.

Copasetic NF Pro Font Download

Another typical Art Deco font from Nick Curtis. Uppercase only, but with alternate letterforms in the lowercase positions. I have completely redesigned all the diacritics (which were way too flimsy for this robust design) before expanding the character set in the usual fashion. Nick Curtis says: "Back in the Olden Days of Graphic Design B.C. (before computers), type freaks used to wait in anxious anticipation for each new release of the Letraset catalog. The inspiration for this font, Premiere ...

FF Isonorm Monospaced Pro® Font Download

Austrian type designer Robert Kirchner created this sans FontFont in 1993.

The family contains 2 weights: Regular and Italic and is ideally suited for editorial and publishing and poster and billboards.

FF Isonorm Monospaced provides advanced typographical support with features such as ligatures, alternate characters, case-sensitive forms, and stylistic alternates.

It comes with tabular lining figures.

As well as Latin-based languages, the typeface family al...

Constellation Pro Font Download

Constellation started with a simple geometric concept in the manner of Art Deco which gradually developed to a complete typeface, both upright and italic, total of seven weights. The concept allowed the font to be designed from Ultra Light in both very light and quite black styles.

This Pro font is packed with all European and Cyrillic alphabets, small caps, variable figure sets and features .

Ephesus Font Download

This ALL CAPS font family comes in four weights, plus two additional styles-- outline and shadow.

Ephesus is a great font to use when creating logos, posters, t-shirts, etc. “Ephesus” is named after the antique city in Izmir in Turkey.

Sunshine Group Font Download

The Sunshine Group is a series of four closely related fonts that combine a visual rendition of a bright noonday sun with Page No. 508, a wood type designed by William Hamilton Page of Norwich, Connecticut in 1887. Page No. 508 was released in a digital version by HiH and is available from Myfonts.com.

Woody Sunshine is the simplest. The name alludes to its wood type roots. The sun shines on the upper case letters only (and the ampersand, which is considered lower case).


Xaloc™ Font Download

Xaloc was designed for editorial use in books, magazines and newspapers. This typeface family contains different font versions for different optical sizes; Caption, Text, Subhead and Display, all of them with different x-height proportions and contrast. Its serifs are asymmetrical and its letterforms have geometric modulated strokes that emulate the calligraphic variations. Its design approach enhances text flow and continuous reading. Xaloc was based on Ricado Santos’ Tramuntana, which has t...

MB Vinatage Font Download

MB Vinatage is a 6 weight font family with italics that has its roots based firmly in the type and font design of the early 20th Century. With some art deco touches in the standard caps like the N and the low bars on the E, F & H but using the stylistic alternates these can be changed to give the font a more contemporary look. The same applies to the lower case letters, with an alternate a and g and a stylistic lowercase t. The family works great as a display font using the thin and heavy we...