Cinema Gothic BTN Font Download

Cinema Gothic is an Art Deco style typeface with a vintage 1930s feel inspired by popcorn palaces, pharmacies, and motels of the post depression era.

Lagu Sans Font Download

Lagu Sans is a contemporary typeface that blends a geometric inspiration with a charming contrast between thick and thin strokes. Alessio Laiso has designed Lagu Sans in 18 styles: 9 weights ranging from Thin to Black, with matching, beautiful italics. The companion Lagu Serif makes the Lagu family a real workhorse for any use, including web, digital, print, branding and signage.

Lagu Sans has a large x-he...

Chiswick Illuminated Caps Font Download

A delightful latter-day reworking of the Lombardic ideal, provided here with the main letter and the background illumination separated so that they can be given different colors on different layers, and given different effects in, for example, Photoshop; the letters are given in both normal and reverse forms ('black-on-white' and 'white-on-black'), and the various combinations give five different styles.

Serenus Font Download

“Serenus” is a new cursive typeface whose main characteristic is the dynamism of its spontaneous and agile "ductus", with a subtle difference in thickness that gives it elegance and presence. This font comes with a condensed version that can be used for more extensive texts. Both fonts are enriched with OpenType features, Serenus has a total of 612 characters, in OpenType format, such as Stylistics Alternatives, Swashes, Ligatures, stylistic sets. To this, we add ...

Sintesi Sans Font Download

Sintesi Sans.

Sans meets serif.

Are you looking for a robust, contemporary but nonetheless an elegant font? Sintesi Sans might be exactly what you are looking for.

Sintesi Sans builds together with Sintesi (SemiSerif) and Sintesi Semi an extended family. However each of the three member of the Sintesi-family accomplish the «synthesis» between Sans and Serif on its own way.

Sintesi Sans scores because of its readability, robustness and contemporary style. I...

Moving Message JNL Font Download

A vintage printer’s cut for the masthead of the "Fed-O-Gram" (a monthly publication of the Farm Bureau Federation, Inc.) had its title set in letters that emulated a moving message board. This design formed the basis for what is Moving Message JNL.

Dive Gear Stencil JNL Font Download

Some vintage 1960s-era packaging for dive gear (masks, swim fins, etc.) manufactured by the Voit division of AMF had various merchandise boxes hand-lettered [with some variation of design] in an interesting sans stencil.

These packages formed the inspiration of Dive Gear Stencil JNL.

Thanks once again to Gene Gable, whom on many occasions has provided Jeff Levine material for type design inspiration.

ASTYPE Ornaments Accolades A™ Font Download

The astype series Accolades A offers the designer a fine balanced set of calligraphic swashes, swirls and floral ornaments. The shapes are in systematic order and harmonize in contrast and detail. The shapes can be combined easily and the advanced designer can build hundreds of sophisticated compositions. No matter, whether packaging lables, invitations or greeting cards - every assignment with the need of a delightful appeal will be served well.

Accolades A and A2 share the same base s...

Modernica Font Download

Modernica is an excellent tool that provides a large range of possibilities in design work. It is a sans serif font that contains eight weights plus matching italics. All Modernica typefaces include a set of small caps, ligatures, contextual alternates, modern and old style figures, superscript and subscript, numerators and denominators, among other OpenType features. Modernica is the extension of the Mazurquica family, a condensed grotesque font created to be used in titles looking for impact....

Filmotype Miner™ Font Download

Originally released in the late 1960s, Filmotype expanded its Grotesque typeface category with the introduction of its Miner, Marlette and Manchester typefaces offering its own original take on this modern sans serif style. Type designer Rian Hughes refined and further expanded these styles creating the first expansion the original library since the mid-1970s with Mansfield and Meredith.

Each weight of the Filmotype Manchester family was developed from the original font filmstrips and i...

Baronessa™ Font Download

Baronessa is a handmade font with a “once-upon-a-time” world feeling, warm and friendly but not excessively childish. No swashes or ornaments, subtle irregularity and carefully chosen letter shapes make it sweet and funny but not crazy.

Elfort Font Download

A lovely script face remastered from found drawings, great for antique, vintage and romantic designs.

Bald Eagle Font Download

Hi! Introducing vintage font Bald Eagle. Stamp textured effect surface makes it really authentic look.

Morton Font Download

Morton, another modern grotesque typeface which deliver a extraordinary unique within typeface with the style of condensed let you create more impact with your design. Morton Type Family available in nine weights, the Thin weight deliver you a simple hair line stem until you reach the bold weight, you will get more dynamic with three stem weights which give you a modern, old school look and feel.

Nutnik Font Download

Nutnik was made using cut out cardboard letters, black paint and some brushes. The result is a highly legible, yet grungy font. It comes with all the diacritics you could possibly wish for and stylistic alternates for the lower case letters.

Keep Calm Font Download

Keep Calm is a family of fonts developed from the now famous World War 2 poster that was designed in 1939 but never issued, then rediscovered in 2000. As well as the original Keep Calm font (the medium weight of the poster), the family now includes Keep Calm Light, Keep Calm Book (regular weight) and Keep Calm Heavy. In addition, each weight is now accompanied by its equivalent Italic supplied at no extra charge. The typeface now includes Central European and Western European accented characters...

FG Liz Font Download

FG Liz is an unusual handwriting. It looks a bit naive with it cap N’s and the big exclamation mark.

Perfect for poems and dreamy things!

Signalist Font Download

Signalist is a contemporary brush script. It is condensed and tight but still legible.

Algol Font Download

Scientists discovered what they believe is a new display font. First sighted in constellation Perseus, it has been named Algol. The family consists of Algol Regular, Algol VII and Algol IX. Algol Regular and Algol VII can be layered for a striking effect. Algol IX is transparent with more relaxed spacing which enables the observer to see right through it. Alternate letters with closed counters provide a world of design possibilities.

Spina Font Download

The 225 glyphs that make “Spina Typeface” are the result of experience with hundreds of drawings, sketches and digital test in seeking to achieve a typeface that represented the fluides of the script’s and elegance of the modern Roman.

Thereby, based on this principle and a unique style, a infinitely versatile typeface was designed that evokes both the beauty and finesse of the plants as power its thorns and its deadly poison.