Tupã Font Download

Tupã is the Brazilian indigenous word for thunder, that is worshiped like God in their mithology (in Tupi language). The typeface was developed to be strong and with great impact. The UPPERCASE was carefully designed with a lot of different features, and the lowercase is a mix of small caps and traditional forms, which brings a lot of personality and uniqueness to the design. Tupã familly is composed by two weights and four styles: Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. It's a...

Urkelian™ Font Download

Urkelian is a font designed during a time of utter downheartedness and despair in my life. Yes, it was designed during the final episode of Family Matters . . . a tragic day for all humankind.

Kenyan Coffee™ Font Download

Kenyan Coffee is a narrow headline typeface created in 1999. In 2011, Kenyan Coffee was rebuilt and expanded into a larger font family.

Bad Marker™ Font Download

The marker has been sitting in your pen drawer for years.

You can't bring yourself to throw it out, because it’s the best marker in the world; but it has become worn and frayed, and you can't bring yourself to use it, either.

But today you have just the project for the best bad marker in the world, and you take it from the drawer, remove the cap, and notice with glee that time has accumulated a perfect supply of ink in the frayed tip. You bring it down on the pristine whi...

Foundry Context Font Download

Foundry Context is a sans serif family designed to be universal in many contexts – hence the name. A ‘no-nonsense’ typeface, reminiscent of 19th century sans serif faces, Foundry Context has very round, pure letterforms, crafted without being over refined, and having minimal stroke contrast in the neo-grotesque style. A hint of personality has emerged from the very drawing of the proportions, strokes, and terminals, yet Foundry Context is still neutral enough to compete in the grotesk aren...

KG All Of Me Font Download

A stamped, eroded font with the texture of a real rubber stamped image.

Oxford Font Download

Oxford was designed by Arthur Baker for Agfa Compugraphic in 1989. A calligraphic typeface with a slight incline, fine lines, and delicate serifs, Oxford is easily identified by its quirky lowercase b.

Oxford is a functional display type for headings, announcements, and brochures that also works for setting small amounts of text, such as ad copy.

Klique™ Font Download

Klique is a furturistic display font with Japanese undertones.

It has lowercase only but there are a few variations in design. For example, type ‘Y’ and you get a different glyph to when you type ‘y’.

There are a few pointless dingbats included. Enjoy!

Architype Ballmer Font Download

Architype Universal is a collection of avant garde typefaces deriving mainly from the work of artists/designers of the inter-war years, whose ideals underpin the design philosophies of the modernist movement in Europe. Their ‘universal’, ‘single alphabet’ theory limits the character sets.

Architype Ballmer is inspired by the experimental, universal letterforms drawn by Bauhaus trained Swiss designer Theo Ballmer for a series of 1928 posters, most notably for an e...

Maccaroni Font Download

David Kowalski’s typeface Maccaroni is based on a logo type and has been designed to a complete typeface in Prof. Veljovic’s Type Design course at HAW Hamburg. Maccaroni breaks the traditional brush scripts and offers a unique design. Each letter is present in triplicate in order to achieve the illusion of a hand-written typeface. The OpenType programming ensures that two identical letters won’t follow each other.

Cless Font Download

The name “Cless” is shortened from the word counterless which describes the font in very clear way. Nevertheless, unlike most fonts of that kind, Cless is a really humanist typeface, based on the shapes of modern Humanist sans-serifs.

The font has extended character set, including Cyrillic, and can be used for posters and so on in very large point sizes, also it is perfect for putting pictures inside the letters.

Mathieu Font Download

mathieu was created with a Krink K-60 marker – a paint marker that allowed gravity to dictate the outcome of each handwritten letterform. The font is the union of 26 mixed-case letters, 10 numbers, and roughly 100 glyphs, and has been seen in videos by artists Marshmello and Louis the Child. mathieu reflects Gino's abstract style of writing, and reveals beauty in imperfection.

Basic Sans Narrow Font Download

Basic Sans Narrow is a narrower version of Basic Sans. It is a family of Grotesque features with a functional, neutral and seeming clean style that looks to keep a neutral (or basic) appearance on paper, but including lots of details that give it a unique personality.

Basic Sans Narrow is a sans-serif typeface well-suited for publishing projects, medium-sized text, branding, posters, headlines and more!

This font family comes in 7 weights—ranging from Thin to Black—plus mat...

Brandy Label Font Download

Introducing a font, named «Brandy label». This is a set from four font layers that allows you to combine different elements of character with different fill. It’s perfect for making some alcohol label designs.

Stannard™ Font Download

Stannard speaks to us of the happy days of the inter-war period, of enamel advertising 'street-jewelry' as seen on the railways and in all the best shops, of youngsters' train set boxes and toy catalogues, of traditional magazine mastheads, of a simpler, happier and just maybe better era, when summers lasted for ever and all was well with the world.

It’s a great family of faces for use in nostalic poster design, for nostalgic packaging design or signage or book covers, or even jus...

Bewick Roman NF Font Download

In 1905, artist and illustrator Will Bradley devised the pattern for this charming face. A little bit quirky and a whole lot of fun. Both versions support the Latin 1252, Central European 1250, Turkish 1254 and Baltic 1257 codepages.

Impuls Pro™ Font Download

Based on remnants of the Typoart, Dresden, version of Impuls, this is a carefully extended pro-version covering Europe’s main languages written in Latein letters.

Bw Modelica Font Download

Bw Modelica is a minimal, robust, reliable & pragmatic geometric sans.

Its clean lines and generous x-height makes it suitable for both copy and display purposes, with the stylistic sets favouring the latter.

SS01 and SS02 are available separately at half the price of a regular weight for those who only want that specific character set. Both stylistic sets are available via OpenType on the main files, but not on the SSs.

Rabbit On The Moon Font Download

This font is ideal for cartoons, greeting cards and children’s books, as it has a happy ‘feel’ to it.

Geometa Deco Font Download

Geometa Deco is based on Paul Renners Futura Classic. The design is timeless, but I always missed some decorative characters. So I sat down and did some.

The type-designer for surprising solutions, Gert Wiescher