Sanchez Slab Font Download

Sánchez, designed by Daniel Hernández, is a serif typeface belonging to the classification slab serif, or Egyptian, that bears a strong resemblance to the iconic Rockwell. Offering contrast and balance to the square structure, Sánchez Slab is a new version, more robust with straight edges, that give greater character and power.

Sanchez Slab comprises 12 variants, ranging from extra light to black, each of the same x-height. Regular and Italic variants are available for free.

Horsepower™ Font Download

Horsepower is a strained digital display font.

Mercado Font Download

Mercado is a versatile stencil font family with 3 styles and 3 weights of each style.

I was inspired by local boutique supermarkets to create a stencil font family with both upper and lowercase as well as a large international characterset.

Mercado Regular can be used at small point sizes without the stencil gaps filling in. It also makes a bold statement when used large. Mercado Display with it’s precision slices is best used large, or in any design solution where the ...

Splendor Pro™ Font Download

Finally the light version of Wilhelm Berg’s hot-metal classic which had found its way from Schriftguss to Typoart can be released for nowaday’s use.

First Responder JNL Font Download

First Responder JNL is a back slanted version of Catalog JNL, and is intended to be used for graphics on police and fire vehicles to emulate “forward” movement, which is a popular theme on such vehicles. It is also useful in conveying the same image in print applications and web design.

Carilliantine Font Download

Carilliantine updates the organic curves of Art Nouveau typefaces typified by John F. Cumming’s Desdemona, designed around 1886.

A contemporary monoline sans reinterpretation rather than a more traditional serif, its high-waisted emphasis lends it an elegance and class.

Carilliantine is replete with hundreds of two- and three-l...

FT Giorgio™ Font Download

FT Giorgio is based on a hand lettering in a movie poster La Dolce Vita by Giorgio Olivetti.

FT Giorgio has class-based kerning and around 200 automatic interlock ligature pairs which gives your design a custom look.

To use the ligatures you only need to write in CAPS and use an OpenType-aware application.

Heading Pro Font Download

Heading Pro is a typeface family designed by Francesco Canovaro for Zetafonts. It’s a geometric condensed typeface with high legibility and a powerful personality, created to optimize space on the printed page and on the screen. Heading Pro, coming in eight weights and matching italics, is designed to excel in titles and subheadings, timetables, name and credit lists and cases of exuberant and excessive copywriting. The family also includes a Small Caps variant, with a...

Kashigata Stencils JNL Font Download

Kashigata Stencils JNL is a collection of 52 beautiful Japanese stencil images used for decorating sugar cakes to honor deceased family members with the crest of that family.

Re-drawn from images of some vintage stencils spotted at an online craft and collector’s site, these wonderful designs were created during the Showa Period of Japan’s history and bring the charm of the Far East to your creative projects.

According to Wikipedia, The Showa period (literally "pe...

Cpl Kirkwood Font Download

CPL Kirkwood is a distressed condensed bold slab and sans serif typeface. With both the serif and sans serif type options, it can be used in a broad range of design works. Included is a set of Extras that give the typeface an array of symbols, lines and banners.

INSTALL NOTE: If you have purchased CPL Kirkwood ALL and are installing via Font Book, it is best to install in small groups rather than opening all font files at once. Once one group is installed (SLAB + SLAB Italics) you open ...

Ultraproxi Font Download

Ultraproxi is an austere, technical sans-serif typeface. Visual cues were taken from high speed computer printers from the 1950s to 1970s. You've probably seen this type of printing on old driver's licenses or magazine subscription labels. One of the more well known, early line printers was the IBM 1403 chain printer. Metal type slugs were linked in a chain which rapidly whirled over an ink ribbon. On the back of the page, a succession of electromagnetic hammers smacked the pape...

Yasmine Font Download

The Yasmine type family follows the guidelines of the Mutamathil Taqlidi type style. It has one glyph for every basic Arabic Unicode character or letter and one additional, final-position, glyph for each Arabic letter that is normally connected with other letters from both sides in traditional cursive Arabic strings. Yasmine employs four fixed x-height values, two above and two below the x-axis. Values are high to give a slight vertical overall look. Its design uses full curves with equally dist...

Surf And Turf JNL Font Download

Surf and Turf JNL was redrawn from hand-lettering on a souvenir folder for an event believed to be sponsored by Miami Beach’s exclusive Surf Club on March 19, 1938.

Entitled “Steeplechase Pier March 19 Surf Club Stroller”, it’s now lost to time whether the event recreated some of the fun and games of Atlantic City’s famed Steeplechase Pier at the Surf Club, or if this was a special event trip to the New Jersey venue.

It’s also highly possible...

Xirod™ Font Download

Xirod is a square, sci-fi techno headline font. In OpenType savvy applications, letters change in order to harmonize with adjacent letters. Strange alternate letters can be accessed using the OpenType “Stylistic Alternates” feature.

Skygirls Font Download

Skygirls captures the feeling of early to mid 1900’s hand painted advertising script. Skygirls was inspired by ideas from several old metal scripts: Herald, Signal, Hauser, Penflow, Veltro, Kurier & Bison.

She Always Walk Alone Font Download

A hand drawn, quirky brush marker font. Contains Western and Central European accents.

Grandpas Typewriter Font Download

Granpa’s typewriter comes from an antique Olivetti Typewriter Machine I have. This font has all of the effects a typewriter machine can offer you: a regular version, a strong hit version, a light distressed version, a double-hit version and X version, which is a compilation of several typewriter mistakes, tests and stains. This font is specially handy when trying to use a typewriter effect on an edgy/grunge work, where there’s no worry about perfection!

Rocklidge Pro™ Font Download

Steve Jackaman & Ashley Muir. This design was inspired by the 1965 VGC typeface, Jana by Richard D. Juenger. Rocklidge contains all the high-end features expected in a quality OpenType Pro font.

Taca Font Download

Taca is a typeface built around a shape that Portuguese designer Rúben Dias calls a “squircle” — neither square nor circle. We usually associate the rounded, convex box with the television screens of the 1960s and Aldo Novarese’s classic typeface, Eurostile. But whereas Eurostile is cold and machined, Taca is warm and rugged, as if it was molded from clay or carved from stone.

Taca’s organic nature is also derived from another unique feature: rounded crotches at the right ang...

Hogar Slab Font Download

Hogar Slab, based on the Hogar typeface, is the result of combining a script and a slab serif into a single type system.

The system has a monolinear style composed of a slab serif and a script slab serif version that share similar proportions, weight interpolations and details. Hogar Slab is basically a slab serif with script gestures and a script with slab serif shapes.

In order to make the system more complete, I included an italic version, which represents a tran...