Aros™ Font Download

Usage recommendations: Captions, fliers, packaging, cards, posters, ads, book jackets, manuals, menus, bulletins, magazines, greetings, announcements.

Jazz Age Font Download

Jazz Age is inspired by the Golden Age of Jazz, the Twenties and Thirties. Think Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, cocktails, flappers and the whole Art Deco thing. Oh, and don't forget the radios, by which I mean old Bakelite valve or tube radios with their grilles and fretwork. This font is a celebration of them too.

Tant Gertrud Font Download

A cross-stitch font based on a classical pattern, including capital and lower-case letters for all Western languages.

Bintang Font Download

Bintang means Star in Bahasa Indonesia. Bintang font is a hand drawn, computer enhanced font. It is all caps, but upper and lower case differ and can be freely interchanged. Use Bintang for your product packaging, book covers, posters and magazines. Befitting a star, Bintang comes with a galaxy of diacritics.

YWFT Soaka Font Download

Look out, Clark W. Griswold, because YWFT Soaka just parked on your front lawn. YWFT Soaka is the grotesque, raw, country cousin of our slab serifs Motown and Lollop, and brings the pain when you're facing down those rough Cobra Kai design jobs in the middle of the night. This totally out-of-control slab serif is available in opentype format, and is coded with stylistic alternate options that offer a more playful approach. Grab a can of Blatz and get ready to crush it on your sk...

Casual Crew Font Download

A fresh friendly font with upper and lower cases inspired by the Casual Style of Sign Painters. It features well-designed curves, four versatile styles (including Regular, Bold, Halftones and Outlines), latin language support and sexy built-in signs and catchwords. Suitable for titles, Branding, package design & more. If you are looking for a fine Hand-drawn font Family with great curves, Casual Crew is what you want.

Kokomo Font Download

Kokomo is a beautiful handmade contoured font - which was drawn with an old-fashioned steel pen and Chinese ink. The open, shadowed letters are great for posters and ads. Kokomo comes with extensive language support and has an alternative lower case a, for those who don't like the one I used.

Candykitchen Font Download

Casual and sugary, Candykitchen is an inline face with a weight problem. Frosted with occasional swashy finishing strokes and a few errant bulbous terminals, this face wants space in your cupboard.

Trolley JNL Font Download

The Art nouveau era sheet music “Goodbye Sweet Old Manhattan Isle” (1905) offers up a classic hand lettered sans reflective of that era. It is available digitally as Trolley JNL in both regular and oblique versions.

Smart Labels™ Font Download

With this template set you can make endless tags, shopping sale designs, discounts or anything you want. After Handy Labels, Smart Labels is another bunch of 26 different layered and customizable vector clip arts. They are easily accessible through a set of 3 fonts, each containing 52 glyphs. You can, but you don't have to use any vector graphics editor. You don't even have to work with multiple layers if you don't want to.

The basic font contains 26 ready-made labels with texts. Thes...

ALT Apollo13™ Font Download

Apollo13 is a custom decorative typeface for any type of graphic design.

Normale Font Download

Imperfect typewriting typeface.

Akhand Soft Font Download

Akhand Soft is an extension to our popular Akhand series. All of the corners of the typeface’s characters are rounded, making Akhand Soft a friendlier and more informal variant of the Akhand Latin family. Featuring condensed, straight-sided letterforms, Akhand Soft is a virtually mono-linear sans serif design. The construction of the letters are based on a modular structure, but not every aspect appear constructed. Its forms look great on their own in logos, and headlines function well when di...

Blonde Script Font Download

Blonde Script is a single font full of stylistic alternates. It includes special glyphs for price tags; logotypes for words like ‘for’, ‘of’, ‘the’, and ‘with’; and even a hand-written heart symbol. The font’s design is perfect for cafés and restaurants. Use it for menus, placards, and other point of sale advertisements. Text set in Blonde Script, with its normal setting, maintains a rather even baseline; however, as soon as Stylistic Set 1 or 2 are activated, the letters begi...

Robu Choco Script Font Download

Choco is a new upright script family designed by Andrei Robu.

It has four different weights with lots of alternate characters which makes this typeface perfect for logotypes and cool packaging.

Soundtrack™ Font Download

Simple and charming, Soundtrack is a lively all-caps font that brings two versions for each letter. Make your choices by simply typing the upper or lower case keys or switch on the Contextual Alternates feature on any OpenType savvy program to instantly alternate between lettershapes.

Versatile, Soundtrack comes in two weights and is suited for a wide range of display applications, doing great also for small chunks of text.

Handy dingbats are included in both versions. Pick t...

Beaucoup PB™ Font Download

A totally off the wall crazy sans serif display type, Beaucoup started as a digitization of a film typeface called “Bippie” by Facsimile Fonts. From there, it was taken and built out to an extensive character set ready to take you for a wild ride.

Filetto Font Download

Filetto is a neo-grotesque sans serif typeface loosely inspired by the design of DIN 1451. It’s been designed for maximum legibility, and its broad, square shapes are meant to give a confident and positive feeling to your messages. Studio Kmzero has developed Filetto for its own identity in 2010, developing the older “Cibreo” font.

Cargan Font Download

Cargan merges the strength of the slab serif with a gentle line flow. The result is a versatile typeface family with a distinct personality that performs superbly in headlines as well as subheads and shorter text applications. The Cargan family consists of 16 styles and is well suited for ambitious typography. It comes in OpenType format with extended language support. All weights contain ligatures, superior characters, proportional lining figures, tabular lining figures, proportional old style...

Bodoni Ornamental Font Download

Bodoni Ornamental is a revival of a very old typeface based on the Poster Bodoni letter shape. Giambattista Bodoni passed away in 1813, this decorative version was created in the 1820’s or 1830’s which was the time period when many of these ultra bold decorated type faces began to appear, the original artist is currently unknown.

The original version of this ornate classic was only available as a set of uppercase letters, today over one hundred eighty years later this font is now ...