P22 Late November™ Font Download

P22 Late November is a new font family from Norwegian type designer Torliev Sverdrup.

The font is a transitional Antiqua-inspired type design great for text and display uses.

FF Ernestine™ Font Download

Swiss type designer Nina Stössinger created this slab serif FontFont in 2011.

The family has 8 weights, ranging from Light to Bold (including italics) and is ideally suited for advertising and packaging, editorial and publishing, logo, branding and creative industries as well as sports.

FF Ernestine provides advanced typographical support with features such as ligatures, small capitals, petite capitals, alternate characters, case-sensitive forms, and fractions.

It c...

SST® Font Download

Designed for global branding and supporting 93 languages, the SST® typefaces blend the organic readability and controlled structure of modern sans serif designs. In combining these attributes, the SST family is understated, versatile – and sure to be a timeless design.

The SST Pan-European family has 17 fonts in total. It spans six weights from ultra light to heavy, each with an italic complement. In ad...

Fat Sally Font Download

FatSally is written with a broad felt-tip marker, scanned and finished by hand on screen, taking care to emphasize the typical “marker” feeling.

Hammered™ Font Download

In Hammered all the letters are made up of hammers (and an occasional nail).

For related, tool-based typefaces, see Screwged, NailsNStaples, and WrenchedLetters.

Nikaia™ Font Download

Nikaia started as an experimental typeface (the script weights) and was then expanded to its logical conclusions (italic & regular), producing the fastest look typeface in the world. Nikaia looks clean and sharp at any size, with 5 weights for contrast.

Abeille Font Download

Abeille means bee in French. I am a little worried about the world’s bee populations, as whole colonies collapse due to monoculture and pesticides. I have planted many bee-attracting plants in my garden and even put up a ‘bee hotel’ (which is full of tenants right now). Abeille is a hand drawn didone-ish font, kind of cute and happy, very legible and full of character. Abeille comes with a swarm of diacritics.

Danken Font Download

DANKEN is an all caps display typeface that was created to mix font styles and create unlimited variety of effects. Now it has 22 font styles but it’s growing.

Flower Doodles™ Font Download

Flower Doodles... 15 line drawings, 15 reverse drawings... this font is drawn so that you can use a line drawing and its corresponding reverse together or use all the line drawings together or all the reverse ones together.

Lots of looks with these 30 flowers.

Crack Man™ Font Download

Crackman is an art deco style, counterless headliner with an early 1980’s video game slant.

Ultima Pro Font Download

Ultima Pro is a geometric sans serif typeface family of eight styles – light, regular, bold and black in roman and italic respectably.

Ultima Pro typeface is an upgrade addition to Ultima family (2010). All glyphs have gone through shape refinements, and the amount of glyphs was significantly extended, which enabled support of more Latin languages as well as full support of Cyrillic.

Fonts released in OpenType format with some opentype features. The typeface is ideal for use ...

Dubrove Font Download

Dubrove is a wedge serif typeface inspired by Moravian (Czech) type design of 1930-50s. The character font is expressive and a free, daring and graceful, delicious and attractive.

Here are more than 1100 glyphs, all 102 European languages, all Ancient Slavic Alphabet (49 characters), Latin and Slavic small capitals and OpenType features with many solutions. Dubrove has several stylistic sets, historical f...

Genius Font Download

Genius is a clean, geometric typeface with great legibility and modern look, which makes it a perfect typeface for any kind of use. It’s especially suitable for branding, advertising, magazines, web design and so on. Created by Ceyhun Birinci, the Genius family consists of 7 weights from thin to bold along with their italics, including hundreds of kerning pairs.

Occulista™ Font Download

Occulista began as a modern take on a vintage tri-line style of typeface, but quickly evolved into something quite different.

This heavyweight optically-stimulating family features nine weights, with alternate uppercase letters in place of lowercase.

This typeface works best in eye-catching headlines or short bursts of text, and the variant styles can applied to accent key wordings in many interesting combinations.

Tabular Font Download

Tabular is a family of ten monospace sans serif fonts; there are five weights, each with a companion italic. Every glyph in Tabular family shares the same advance width, meaning that line-wrap isn’t affected by emboldening or italicising text. We recommend Tabular for onscreen-use in apps, and on the web – wherever you have to display code (font families that can be used for coding and which include italics are rare). Tabular is great in print, too, especially for financial reporting or lett...

Holt Sans Font Download

Holt is a sans serif font that works best at larger sizes and display. The substantial contrast between the thick and thin stokes lends it an air of elegance that would make it suitable for fashion design, magazine headers as well as a large range of advertising.

Karolinus Fraktur Font Download

A slightly regularized digital version of a late Baroque Fraktur type, probably from the beginning of the 18th century, issued by the Norstedts type foundry in Stockholm in 56 point size as “Sju petit fraktur nr 2”.

This digital font is designed for rather large sizes, at least 30 points. The font includes accented letters for all Western languages, as well as a long s and the usual Fraktur ligatures, e.g. ch, ck, st, tz.

Characters not included in the Unicode stand...

Mikadan Font Download

Mikadan is a tribute to Stephenson Blake’s Verona from 1948, which was in turn based on William Dana Orcutt’s Illumanistic from 1904. The sharp corners are bladelike in appearance to suit fantasy themes. Mikadan has some of the legible qualities of Morris Fuller Benton’s Motto from 1915.

Concreta Font Download

Concreta was inspired by Josef Albers' work and Augusto de Campos' poetry.

Sintesi Semi Font Download

Are you looking for a robust, contemporary font with strong personality? Sintesi Semi might be exactly what you are looking for.

Sintesi Semi is a hybrid font which manages the “synthesis” between Sans and Serif in its own way. Due to its constant stroke the favorite font of the author is closer to a sans serif and scores with its robustness and contemporary style. Its strong serifs though evoke rather a slab serif font.

Sintesi Semi builds together with Sintesi (Serif) and...