Impara Font Download

Impara was designed in 2010. It is a slightly contrasted sans serif with a lively stroke ductus and distinct humanistic characteristics. It represents a synthesis of linear coolness and classic elegance. It qualifies for informational text applications and, in display sizes, it reveals elaborate details. Impara comes in 10 styles in OpenType and TrueType format.

Each font is equipped with an extended character set containing: standard and discretional ligatures, small caps, proportional...

Line44 Font Download

A hommage to the early 60s graffiti on New York subways.

The font is designed with four differently shaped styles which can be combined together or separately.

Play with the layers and you will create surprising graffiti.

Sybilla Font Download

Sybilla is a robust, but friendly, humanist slab serif well suitable for broad range of design projects. A true workhorse and superb text type family, Sybilla was especially designed with legibility in mind. Its soft almost cursive shapes and generous internal spaces define a slab serif that is easier on the reader’s eye and help establish a feeling of warmth and friendliness.

The type family consists of eight weights with complimentary italics. While the Light, Book, Regular and Me...

Hangtime™ Font Download

Hangtime Rad and Extra were designed with surf posters in mind, a subject close to my heart as an avid sailboarder and surfer. Its slightly raked (3 degrees) yet vertical appearance makes for compact setting with extreme impact.

Hangtime exhibits some quirky terminal features, its shortened upstrokes are balanced by the lengthened strokes of others providing unusually consistent spacing.

Best applied to display situations but is readable at text sizes.

Sommet™ Font Download

Project a powerful image with Sommet.

Sommet is a sans-serif with a high-tech web 2.0 feel. The typeface family is a powerful and sharp design that is highly legible onscreen even at small sizes. Sommet features a tall x-height, and its letterforms are compressed, perfect for when layout space is at a premium.

Updated in early 2010, the Sommet family now includes six weights and italics for plenty of design options and is suitable for body copy and display text. Be sure to chec...

Secca Std™ Font Download

Secca is a fine typeface honoring the roots of early German grotesque type designs but mastered for the needs of today.

The weights from Light to Bold work perfectly for body text. The Ultra Black and the Hairline weights give extra typographic freedom for headlines and signage.

Quirky Font Download

The origin of Quirky lay in the Duke Ellington number It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.

For some time Andy had wanted to create a font from expanded stroked lines. Then one day Andy started doodling. He had wanted to produce a light-hearted font, but with some classic touches. One day, when Andy was doodling in Adobe Illustrator, Quirky’s letterforms just appeared on the page as if from nowhere. First he drew the test word ‘hamburgefonts’ and then he just kept ...

Frykas Font Download

Frykas is warm and friendly, hand-drawn font. It has a simple form with subtle irregularities, but no swashes or ornaments.

This condensed font family with five styles will be a great solution for posters, titles, short sentences or whenever you need impact.

LiebeOrnaments Font Download

You think swirls, swashes and curls are kitsch? Wait till you've seen our self-confident set of uncomplicated hand-drawn ornaments.

If you're looking for the right flourish to spice up your greeting cards or prettify your wedding invitations, look no further! With LiebeOrnaments your designs will look as accurate as if you had spent three weeks in calligraphy boot camp—while maintaining an aura of softness and loveliness. This single font includes an impressive set of almost 200 varia...

Suboel™ Font Download

This bitmap font is made of 97 icons to use to express this time of the year...

You will find christmas tree, Santa, cake, stars, gobelin, and a lot more.

They work well for background tiling, just as symbols, or for anything else. We hope you like them !

Best size in bitmap is 20pt.

Ashtanga Font Download

Ashtanga was named after a type of yoga. In Sanskrit it means "eight-limbed", which I find quite appropriate, give the amount of swirls and curls. The font is 'all-caps', but the upper and lower case glyphs differ completely. They are, of course, fully interchangeable. Ashtanga comes with multi language support.

Hookshot Font Download

Hookshot is a quirky serif font font with a retro touch, inspired by an old Canon Word-mark. Hookshot works great for headlines, callouts, and illustrations. It is perfect for short words and even sentences!

Amaretta Font Download

Amaretta is a display font inspired in vintage Italian signs of baker shops. Regardless its crafty inspiration, the construction remains highly mechanical and structured. It has several OT features being the most iconic its contextual alternates that automatically create tails on every single word.

Take Two BF Font Download

Get a can of soda and grab a bag of hot-buttered popcorn, 'cause it’s Lights! Camera! Action!

Take Two BF turns in a stellar performance everytime.

Best used in large sizes.

Cintra™ Font Download

Cintra font family has been designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells in 2014. It is a sans serif, bold, geometric typeface with subtle rounded angles that provides a soft, pleasent appearence.

Cintra consists of 4 styles.

FF Fago Office® Font Download

German type designer Ole Schäfer created this sans FontFont in 2000.

The family has 30 weights, ranging from Regular to Black in Condensed, Normal, and Extended (including italics) and is ideally suited for advertising and packaging, editorial and publishing, logo, branding and creative industries, small text as well as wayfinding and signage.

FF Fago provides advanced typographical support with features such as ligatures, small capitals, alternate characters, case-sensitive f...

Funkboy Font Download

Funkboy looks like something that was made 20 years ago. You know, when Grandmaster Flash was scratching to the beat and graffiti was totally underground. Funkboy was made to look 100% oldschool, and now you can make your own bad-boy oldschool graffiti, using your computer! Comes with two hard knock alternate letters: the peace ‘o’ + the heart dotted ‘i’

You will need to use OpenType supporting applications to use the autoligatures.

Carilliantine Font Download

Carilliantine updates the organic curves of Art Nouveau typefaces typified by John F. Cumming’s Desdemona, designed around 1886.

A contemporary monoline sans reinterpretation rather than a more traditional serif, its high-waisted emphasis lends it an elegance and class.

Carilliantine is replete with hundreds of two- and three-l...

Illuminations Woodcut Font Download

Illuminations Woodcut is inspired by the decorated initial capitals of Medieval manuscripts… and an old book of clip art in which they were found. Try decomposing them in Adobe Illustrator and coloring the pieces or dropping color into them in Photoshop: you can get some stunning results. Caps and TrueType only.

Amiral Font Download

Stencil font with Capitals and alternates   The robustness of the stencil letters seems to refer to markings of containers on the cargo liners.