Lunatino Font Download

Handwritten and drawn “Lunatino” jumps in any needed situation no matter how lunatic it can be. Contains 23 symbols to fulfill the lunacy.

Modern Love Slanted Font Download

Modern Love is a new casual slanted brush-handwritten family. 

The aim was to create an effortless hand-painted feeling but keeping a high density of contrast. It also includes a set of ornaments, swashes and alternates accessible through Opentype features.

Offenbacher Kanzlei Pro Font Download

Note: All SoftMaker webfonts come with unlimited pageviews.

Blackletter is the classic “German” printing type. Starting in the 16th century and lasting well into the 20th century, most works in Germany were printed using blackletter types.

Today, blackletter fonts are mainly used decoratively. If you want to communicate a feeling of old-world quality or nostalgia, blackletter fonts are the preferred choice – use them on signs, in brochures or on invitation cards. ...

Blikfang Font Download

All caps font that just want to be your friend, and maybe the font you use for your next project! :)

D Blues Font Download

D Blues its a sans serif typefamily of 9 weights plus matching italics. It is inspired by the neo humanist typefaces with a mix of 20st grotesque sans typeface. D Blues serve very well in web & print design areas, body text, excellent web-font legibility etc…

D Blues is equipped with a complete set of opentype features including alternative glyphs, fractions, ligatures and many more. It is perfectly suited for highlighting lettering, magazines, web, interaction design, advertising...

Adagio Sans Script Font Download

Adagio Sans Script is an experimental vertical variety of a normal sans version, with the characteristics of handwriting. It has 9 weights and like the rest of Adagio family fonts over 400 characters.Thanks to it’s calligraphic feeling, Sans script version is a great compliment for the rest of the forms of Adagio_Family.

Check also: Adagio Serif Script and Adagio Slab Script.

Lombriz Font Download

Lombriz attempts to bridge the gap between different kinds of typography - including packaging, signage, and sporting. The result is a heavy, yet casual, 1950s-inspired semi-connected script.

The freestyle Lombriz feels friendlier, more readable, and a touch more ‘real’ than most scripts of its kind. In certain settings, the thickness of the stroke in the capital letters accentuates, while the lowercase flows like casual, brush-drawn letters should.

Lombriz comes equipped...

Clever Duke BTN Font Download

Clever Duke is a unique, playful display typeface that is elegant enough for invitations, but playful enough for a children’s book.

Brand Font Download

Jam jars; Warhol’s “Tomato Soup”; chalk lettering and baseball. Those were the triggers to make this soft chancery cursive turned into a script font.

Brand is thought mainly for packaging but can be used in magazines and invitations also. It can be easily converted into a logo when using it and its features.

Pro styles are loaded with the most complete sets of alternates, ligatures and ornaments; while Std styles are smaller versions of the font, with no decorative altern...

Wood Font Two Font Download

A display and decorative font built upon the theme of wood. Great for display purposes in projects about nature and environmental topics.

Nat Flight Font Download

This elegant family of fonts, suitable for both text and display, is narrow in fit and characterized by a unique feature: in the capital B, P, and R, the stroke of the bowl does not quite meet with the stem.

The design is noticeably calligraphic with a dynamic and delicate character, especially in the italics. Its subtleties can best be appreciated when set in large point sizes.

Susa Font Download

Susa is an elegant and flowing brush script typeface.

Ideal for short text in the lighter weights and for headlines in bold and heavy weights.

CP Company™ Font Download

C.P. Company is a group of types including 4 different forms and it is a complementary sign of communication for the C.P. Company clothes maker.

C.P. Company communication makes use of media such as the press and the web and that’s the reason why we have always felt the need for a font that would not show incongruities through the monitor.

Therefore we have decided to change the structure of glyphs like a, e, g, s… in the most contrasted versions to prevent the serifs fro...

Candombe Pro Font Download

Prolific calligrapher Angel Koziupa and designer Alejandro Paul charm us once again with an imaginative typeface.

Named after the Afro-Uruguayan drum-based rhythm, Camdombe conveys both a upbeat spirit and youthful joy. Its unique forms dance with each other, complementing their wild, brush-lettered origins.

This inherent spontaneity makes it an ideal choice for signage, titles, and greeting cards.

Overload™ Font Download

Overload is a stout, unicase shotgun for headlines.

Silo Font Download

Designed and built in London by TypeUnion, Silo is a fluid sans serif typeface embodying energetic curves and a clean, functional structure.

The Silo Family is made up of 6 weights, which range from a delicate Extra-Light, all the way through to a punchy, loud Extra-bold and each carry a versatility for multiple applications and uses.

Silo features open type alternate characters, and extensive language support to provide a flexible, substantial user experience.

Strata Font Download

Big, expansive and flat on top; that’s a land formation called a mesa. “Mesa” was the first name for Strata Bold Rounded Serif, but it turns out it’s someone else’s registered trademark; in any case, if you need a bold, extended mono-height font that’s great for logotype, you could, as we used to say in the Mid-West, do a whole lot worse.

SBRS is the final generation of an evolution that started with Mesa begating Mesa Bold which begat Mesa Bold Rounded which culminated in t...

Concrete Font Download

Concrete is an abstract and geometrical constructed font. The block-like shaped characters are made for modern-style headlines and text blocks.

KG Adipose Unicase Font Download

A fun, playful font using monospaced handwritten unicase letters. (Turn kerning off for true monospace)

EB Martin Font Download

Martin is a quirky modern blackletter, inspired by several traditional styles. Despite the organic feel, its construction is entirely geometric.